Amman Jazz Festival


Hosted by Michelle Rounds

Amman Jazz Festival now embarks on an innovative and inaugural project which is the interviewing of jazz icons in the Middle East and Asia regions to be presented in a tight, high impact, fun and informative format between 15-20″ per episode. 


This is long overdue for the region and has never been properly addressed at any time. The interviews will be aired online fortnightly for four months (Nov, Dec 2020, Jan, Feb 2021) via YouTube channels of OrangeRed and Michelle Rounds. They will begin at the end of the annual AJF of 2020 with a view to continuing to the start of AJF 2021 and are planned to include participants of that forthcoming festival too. 


Michelle Rounds, an international jazz singer, songwriter, voice teacher and jazz festivals organizer (currently consulting to AJF) hosts the sessions in a witty, fun and provocative way to create an informed and entertaining excerpt of each person’s life, music, and persona. 


It is envisaged that these interviews will become part of treasured jazz history not only for these regions but internationally as AJT shares the exceptional talent of these inspirational jazz musicians/educators/leaders from the Middle East and Asia with the world.